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"It's time to start having healthy breakfast" is the slogan of our brand Cristina's Kitchen, which comes to present a line of healthy products and excellent taste, as well as being easy to prepare. We want to offer you a convenient breakfast option that allows you to expand your menu to the nutritious by including pancakes and waffles of different flavors. Our products are characterized by being free of cholesterol, free of trans fats, without added sugars and high in protein. For your convenience, we present the product in a frozen form for a longer life as well as a great ease of preparation, just warm it up and go! To make it more attractive there is the possibility of adding different toppings or fruits and vary their presentation. Also, why not make it a dessert as part of your menu? Add ice cream!

Open Time: 
Mon to Sun: 9:00 - 05:30
Price range: 
$1 - $10
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